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Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance may help provide crucial financial protection for your company vehicles. In many states, commercial auto liability insurance is legally required. Contact John J Murphy Insurance today to learn more about your state’s commercial auto insurance regulations and get a quote. 

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What Kind of Vehicles Are Covered By a Commercial Auto Insurance Policy? 

Commercial auto insurance, or business auto insurance, is critical for businesses utilizing vehicles in their operations. This type of insurance is designed to cover a range of vehicles used for business. 

Commercial auto insurance may help cover the following vehicle types: 

  • Standard-sized cars, minivans and SUVs 
  • Cargo vans, utility trucks and other larger vehicles 
  • Specialized vehicles, including catering trucks, construction vehicles and medical service vehicles 
  • Fleet vehicles 

Why Do You Need Commercial Vehicle Insurance? 

Commercial vehicle insurance is not just a legal requirement but a critical asset for protecting your business. 

In the event of an accident involving your business vehicle, commercial auto insurance may help provide liability coverage for damages or injuries to others. 

Your business car insurance may also help cover repairing or replacing your company’s vehicles if they are damaged, stolen or vandalized. 

Commercial vehicle insurance is integral to your company’s financial safety net. Understanding the coverage needs specific to your business activities and ensuring all your vehicles are adequately insured under a robust commercial auto insurance plan can save your business from significant financial and legal consequences. 

How to Get Commercial Auto Insurance 

Contact John J Murphy Insurance today for a personalized business car insurance quote. 

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